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Harness on. By saying they never have freedom or aren't able to socialize is complete bullshit. You have no idea what you are talkIng about, do you? Maybe if you knew someone with a guide dog you would understand a bit better that they are no different than companion animals and are treated with such love an care. My friend has one (I believ retiring this year) and she is part of the family. That another thing, did you not know that they are retired after six or so years? Ignorance is bliss.


posted at 10:36pm on Saturday 21st July 2012 with 17 notes
# veganlove
  1. enterkylexvx said: Hahaha oh vegetarianlove :)
  2. glaesdeors said: omggggggggg
  3. yakurru said: she unfollowed me when i said that vegans that are pro-breeding are bullshit
  4. angryinthebones said: xxoxer: Actually no, a lot of them aren’t. Some are, but most GD orgs do not believe that rescue/shelter dogs are worthy because they have a lower chance of passing the strict requirements set forth for GDs.
  5. run-like-an-animal said: @thisgentlemanbastard— actually, a lot of guide dogs are puppies out of rescues. I personally know someone who trains guide dogs and she’s very kind to them and doesn’t use any negative training techniques.
  6. plantfaster said: Almost choked laughing. You are wonderful.
  7. clittyslickers said: lol.
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