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Guide dogs are NOT trained starting at birth. Guide dogs are trained at 18months. The CNIBC here does not buy from breeders, rather, they have select homes where puppies are born and from there te puppies are placed in loving, extremely happy (they don't just place the dogs anywhere) foster homes for their development and socialization. You cannot train a dog like a lab during their first year as they are so hyper ad silly and filled with energy. Also, they are only 'working' when they have thei

HAHAHAHA oh my god this is good. Veganlove is trying to argue with me guize~!!!!!!!

Soooooo… dogs are bred and puppies are born in a ~SELECT HOME~, and then those puppies are socialized and at the proper age are trained, and eventually they are sold to someone who is going to use that dog as a guide dog, right? If dogs are reproducing and there are puppies being generated, please, do explain to me how that is not supporting breeding? I’m having a bit of trouble understanding how you think that isn’t breeding animals. Last time I checked, a person intentionally breeding an animal is uh… a breeder. It doesn’t matter on how large of a scale it is or how great the home is, breeding is breeding and it’s not justifiable.

Then again, you have openly supported breeding multiple times, so I’m really not surprised. Someone who breeds animals and sells them for profit or breeds them for other personal gain (like, you know, using them/training them to serve them as guide dogs) is not ethical under any circumstances. Just as if we were to take humans and sell them, it is not ethical to do so to animals. Animals are not our property, and by condoning the breeding and selling of them, you are treating animals as property.

Also, I didn’t mean that literally THE SECOND THE DOG IS BORN HE OR SHE IS IMMEDIATELY THROWN INTO GUIDE DOG TRAINING~!! Obviously the puppies are planned to become guide dogs and steps are taken to eventually use that dog for such purposes, but the point I was trying to make is that people breed specific dogs to use them as guide dogs. The age at which those people plan on using the dog is irrelevant. They are still exploiting the dog.

There is no goddamn reason for any home, I don’t care how ~*LoViNg*~ or SeLeCt it is, to be breeding animals. Shelters and rescues everywhere are overflowing with homeless animals, puppies and kittens included. Animals are being killed left and right because there are not enough people adopting them. There is zero reason for ANY domesticated animals to be intentionally bred under human manipulation. Ever. There is literally not a single valid reason for it. 

Use all the acronyms and specific word choice all you want, breeding is exploitation, and using dogs or any animal for our purposes is always wrong.

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  1. aluenin said: when will crystal shut up and go away god she gives Canadians a bad name.
  2. angryinthebones said: And this is bullshit too, TRAINING OF GUIDE DOGS LITERALLY STARTS FROM BIRTH. The are not necessarily specifically trained for tasks, but they are raised, and handled, completely with guide dog training in mind. They start from day 1.
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