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but just remaining fat will only hurt yourself in the long run. I don't know who doesn't want to be healthy by choice. It's not about a beauty standard, it is about HEALTH.

Well, it’s nice to see who was hiding behind anon all this time.

Anyway, I’m not posting your other messages because they are bullshit and no one needs to see it. Basically, in short, they were saying “wahhhh I believe that everyone is fat by choice and every fat person is lazy and gross and it’s MY DUTY to police everyone else’s body and try to belittle you and make assumptions about your life because I KNOW YOUR BODY BETTER THAN YOU DOOOO.”

You are someone on the internet who knows nothing about my physical activity level, my dietary habits, or my lifestyle. And here you are, telling me I need to exercise more and stop being fat because I said that I’m learning to love my body. How do you know that a fat person doesn’t already exercise? Yeah, you fuckin’ don’t. I said everyone isn’t capable of “fit” meaning not everyone is capable of being slim and muscular, not that everyone isn’t capable of being in shape if they want to be. You don’t know whether or not someone exercises simply by looking at them and if you think that looking at someone’s body gives you the proper knowledge to pass judgment on them then you need a punch in the face. How the fuck is that caring about someone? I responded to someone’s message about them hating their body and I mentioned that I’m learning to accept my own, and you chime in with this bullshit. That is not healthy by any means. That’s just you wanting to feel better about yourself by being an asshole to people about their bodies, so fuck off.

Even if I’m not living entirely healthy to the best of my ability right now, I don’t owe you or anyone else good health and it isn’t your fucking job to go around trying to make other people feel like shit about themselves in order to shame them into being thinner. Seriously, stop kidding yourself. You do not care about anyone you are talking to like this because I am telling you right now that if I hadn’t learned how to tune your bullshit out by now I’d probably feel like utter shit. I’ve spent my entire fucking life listening to douches like yourself trying to tell me how I should look and allow you idiots to make me feel lesser because of my body, but fortunately I’ve learned better now. I know that you’re all just egotistical and insecure about yourselves otherwise you wouldn’t make it your responsibility to try to bring other people down about their looks. This has nothing to do with me “choosing to be fat so I can stick it to the people who have made me feel awful” as you said, it’s about learning to love myself and refusing to let you pathetic people bother me anymore because I know that I’m above you.

Anyway, I won’t be answering any of your asks anymore because you simply aren’t worth acknowledging anymore. I’m fat, and whether or not that is by choice is none of your concern because it has nothing to do with you. Shut the fuck up and learn to accept the fact that other peoples’ bodies are none of your goddamn business.

posted at 7:37pm on Sunday 27th May 2012 with 10 notes
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  1. budgetvegan said: Great reply - I agree. I used to have a fitness instructor who was a bit ‘fat (around 16 UK size), and she was SO much fitter than I was. I’m like a size 10 (UK size) and I could not keep up with her fitness level!
  2. body-plus said: EVERYTHING YOU SAID IS TRUTH! You’re awesome! :D
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