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Cow’s milk is for baby cows. Not humans. Earthshattering information, huh?

You know what’s incredibly annoying? When I see/hear people complain about lactose intolerance. They start to talk about all of things they are taking to try to overcome it and all the milk products they are now consuming without lactose. And I just want to punch them in the face. Or make them watch this.

Do you ever stop to think that maybe, maybe humans aren’t supposed to be consuming cow’s milk? Lactose intolerance is your body’s way of saying “THIS ISN’T NATURAL, YOU PROBABLY SHOULDN’T BE EATING THIS SHIT, MORON.” If your body has a negative reaction to something, it’s generally not a brilliant idea to try to fool your body into consuming it anyway. Whether you’re taking out one ingredient to trick your body, or constantly taking pills to counteract your body’s reaction to said ingredient, both are absolutely awful for you. But above all, it’s deeming cows to a life of constant agony and contributing to the veal industry all the while.

Given the rampant amount of lactose intolerance today, you’d think more people would stop and look at milk for what it is. It is another species’ breast milk designed for their offspring. It’s the equivalent of, say, a tiger drinking human breast milk for not only its infancy, but for all of its life. That’s not the least bit weird or perverse to you?

Cow’s milk is gross. And it’s fucked up. It’s not for people. It’s designed for baby cows. That’s it. It’s not designed for humans. So stop violently raping cows and stealing their babies just because you want to drink another animal’s mammary gland secretions. You don’t need to keep coming up with alternatives that are still harming cows and you don’t need to be taking pills all your life. All you need to do is go vegan. It’s that simple.

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